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Crafting the Ultimate Design with Budget in Mind: Event Designs at Any Price Point

We love to talk design here on the Party Rental Ltd. blog — is there anything more fun than choosing colors, themes, patterns, and textures? — but sometimes, event design comes down to the (slightly less sparkly and exciting) numbers.  Budgets are a crucial part of any event, and whether you’re an event pro planning […]

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Hippo How To: Serving Trays

The art of food display plays a crucial role in the guest experience. What better way to WOW guests at the start of an event than with creatively presented innovative tastes. From traditional to modern, Party Rental Ltd. has a wide variety of trays, tasting vessels, and serving pieces that will compliment your culinary creations. Resin […]

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Hippo How To: 5 Ways To Finesse Your Table

Pinterest, Blogs, Instagram, Magazines, Television… These days, there are countless sources of glorious, tree-lined paths that inspire creativity for your clients. The challenge becomes taking those visions and designing an event to meet the reality of the budget. At Party Rental Ltd., we realize that with just one added touch, a table setting can go […]

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