Let’s Go al Fresco: Inspiration & Tips for Outdoor Events


The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and we’re quickly approaching outdoor event season!  There’s a certain type of magic that comes along with al fresco events — good food, great company, and a warm breeze is the picture of perfection — but outdoor events often require additional details and considerations to help them run smoothly.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re placing your outdoor rental order so that we can best serve your unique event.  (And since we love to talk about the “pretty” things, too, we’re including some of our favorite outdoor looks as inspiration to help get your creativity flowing. Take a look!)

TIP #1:  Let’s talk logistics! Keep us in the loop about site & delivery information.  To help delivery and pickup run more smoothly, talk to your Event Rental Specialist about the ins-and-outs of your location.  Every location is unique, but some of the most common details to consider are:

  • Delivery surfaces (grass, gravel, pavement, stairs, etc.)
  • Walking distance between the truck & drop spots
  • Number & locations of individual drop spots (dance floor, kitchen tent, etc.)
  • Access to the delivery location (driveways, parking locations, etc.)
  • Name & phone number of the on-site contact

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Chalkboard Bar, Gold Sequin Print Specialty, Roma Amethyst Goblets

TIP #2:  Sequencing helps keep things orderly.  Large events require organization! Talk to your Event Rental Specialist about the order in which your event should be delivered; for example, delivering the kitchen tent first or chairs last.

2016_CSfurnitureSomerset_003Get this look! Party Rental Ltd. products featured:
Somerset Armless Chairs, Corner Chairs, and Ottoman with Ivory Cushions

TIP #3:  It’s electric! Check your rental equipment specs to make sure you have the right amount of power.  Electric requirements for all of our rental products can be found on our website.   Please be sure your venue or generator has enough power to supply each piece of rental equipment.  Your electrician may need to be present on-site to connect certain larger pieces of equipment and some propane pieces require an electric power supply, so be sure to talk to your Event Rental Specialist about the details.

*P.S. We have several resources for our cooking equipment including a blog about our new Cooking Equipment Meters and our cooking equipment tutorial video series.  Check them out!

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TIP #4:  Know your local codes and confirm if any of the equipment you’re renting requires any special setup, permits, or inspections.  Every location and event has different requirements, so be sure to check with the local authorities about your specific event.

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TIP #5:  Get the summer feel with Somerset.  Give guests a place to relax and mingle by creating custom seating configurations with our Somerset Collection.  Learn more about the collection and get inspired at the link below!

The Somerset Collection

For more information, please contact our Event Rental Specialists.
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