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Spotlight On: The Metro Collection


Incorporating leather lounge furniture into your event is more than just providing comfortable seating for guests – it’s a design choice that has the power to transform any space.  Furniture configurations can enhance, highlight, and help utilize every inch of your venue, elevating the design and giving guests a place to mix and mingle throughout the event.

Experience the Metro Collection.  Our modular lounge furniture collection is a modern mix of bonded leather and chrome, available in two colors (black and white), three back options (low plain, low tufted, and high tufted), and twenty-eight individual pieces total that can be mixed and matched in endless combinations.  Whether you’re creating a look completely custom to your event or using any of our twenty-six pre-designed configurations, the Metro Collection can work for any event or space.

The Metro Collection is truly adaptable and versatile, with each of the modular pieces being compatible with the others in the collection, and because they’re lightweight and easy to position, you can reconfigure them throughout an event to keep the room looking fresh.  If you’re looking for ways to carry your event’s branding throughout the design, the neutral Metro Collection is a great way to set the stage:  style the seating with throw pillows in your event’s colors or use the coffee tables to display decor, stationery, or beautiful floral.

Not sure where to start?  Need a little inspiration?  Learn how you can use the Metro Collection at your next event in our spotlight gallery, linked below.

The Metro Collection

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This could be the start of something beautiful.



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